There are innumerable solid colors and color combinations available when choosing slate. The natural beauty of slate can manifest in unique ways in each stone, which means that every floor or wall will have its own unique look, a piece of earth-born artistry.

There is a wide variety of both solid color and multicolored slate materials that are available to match nearly any decorative style scheme you are trying to create. Some types have wildly contrasting colors, while others are more subdued, but the appearance will always be unique. Your options increase thanks to the availability of many grout colors that can complement or contrast with the tiles themselves. This uniqueness can make slate a good choice for highly visible areas, such as entryways or large kitchens.

Slate is regarded as a relatively upscale flooring material, especially for top-quality materials, slate typically adds real estate value to the entire home. This is especially true when it is installed in locations such as the kitchen and bathroom, or in entryways where it is immediately evident to visitors. Call Us for more information….