Similar to REVOslate, REVOlite have a translucent fiberglass backing which can be backlit for stunning, colorful effects similar to quartz. Richter REVOlite is engineered with a thin layer of real natural stone laminated to a translucent fiberglass/polyester resin backing. Lightweight and very flexible, REVOlite sheets allows light to pass through for unlimited design possibilities utilizing the texture, natural color and beauty of stone.

When back-lighting is used on panels fabricated from these stones, their ability to transmit light gives them a luminous appearance. Illumination also reveals the subtle details of the complex patterning found in these extraordinary stones.

Translucent stone panels by Richter REVOlite are suitable for many applications, and back-lighting ensures they will be brilliant and radiant focal points regardless of where they are placed.

Advantages of Richter REVOlite Panels

  • Larger and thinner pieces of translucent stone can be used to fabricate panels, allowing for better light transmission
  • The glass layer of our translucent stone panels can face out to protect against weathering and damage
  • Polycarbonate and glass lamination allows for the production of bullet-proof panels
  • Translucent stone panels are shatter-resistant, lightweight, and quick to install

Applications For Back-lit, Richter REVOlite Panels

Translucent stone panels can be used to craft many attention-grabbing illuminated elements, such as:

  • Bar tops
  • Ceilings
  • Columns
  • Floors
  • Interior walls
  • Elevator ceilings
  • Counters
  • Desks
  • Partitions