The DECORATIVE ART PANELS  are artistic coverings suitable for any location on or environment.

Our panels are fantastic indoors as well as outdoors, as they can withstand water and moisture and almost any atmospheric agents, even locations subject to extreme weather conditions. They are ideal for commercial spaces. However, they can also work well in private spaces that would not otherwise be suitable for a large scale artworks. Now these spaces can become the focus of ambitious installations (wet areas, showers, outdoor living, wall decoration, furniture and doors, counters and backsplash, elevators, ceilings, curved walls and columns).

In fact, this product maintains its characteristics of durability, impermeability and non-toxicity even under prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions.

The art panel is manufactured by assembling three elements:
A) composite aluminum or pure aluminum sheet.
B) digital UV printing customized through graphics plus additional handmade and artistic touches using acrylic paints and metal powders.
C) a surface made of layers of transparent and waterproof bi-component epoxy resin.

For more info, download the technical data sheet or material safety data sheet.