Marble has a natural association with luxury and tradition because of its raw beauty and delicate veining. When you walk into a hotel lobby clad in marble tiles, you immediately notice an air of elegance and a legacy of success, and the use of marble for your project can bring this same atmosphere into your own home.

For many people, the first color that comes to mind when thinking about marble is white marble from Italy; however, marbles are quarried all over the world and are available in an unrivaled selection of varying colors and patterns.

Marble is available in a multitude of finishes, the most common of which are polished or honed. The reflective gleam of light off a polished marble floor creates a refined look and a classical elegance that is always in style. In contrast, honed marbles offer a slightly more relaxed feel with a matte finish that softens their impact while still retaining their sophisticated style. Call Us for more information….