Nash Stone Group is a family owned business serving the stone industry within the tristate area.  Founded in 2005 by entrepreneur Daniel Gupta. From the very beginning Daniel has committed to acquiring premium stone. Making it a priority to align himself with suppliers who uphold identical core values for quality and service. Even today, this commitment continues to be held with the highest importance. Their stone experts travel the globe to conduct detailed inspections for stone quality prior to considering stones for their massive showroom. Each stone is carefully handpicked. This dedication has lead this family business to grow into the renowned high end natural stone distributor it is today.

Customer Service representatives are trained to cultivate lasting relationships within a realm of customer types (homeowners, designers, architects and builders) in order to forecast future design trends –  this has become Nash’s gateway to keeping up with changing times.  The individualized attention dedicated to each project sets Nash’s customer service apart from all the rest. If you are looking for LUXURIOS, RARE or EXOTIC surfaces you can count on Nash to have it. Visit the astounding Farmingdale, NY gallery and warehouse located only 45 minutes from NYC. With an extensive inventory spread throughout acres of land, there is no way you’ll leave without finding exactly what you need.