How do I need to prepare the wall before I install FastStone+ Stone?

Where do I begin laying the tile?

Can grout be used with FastStone+ Stone tiles?

If Outdoors, what material does FastStone+ need to be applied to?

Can FastStone+ Stone be exposed to humidity and/or water?

Can I use FastStone+ tiles in my shower?

What causes a tile to fall off?

Can FastStone+ Stone be exposed to heat?

How should the tiles be cut if a full tile is not needed?

What should be used to clean the tiles?

What should be used as a trim or an edge treatment?

How do I remove tile(s)?

What is the warranty on FastStone+ Stone?

What do I do if a tile edge is coming loose or lifting off the wall?

Can I use the FastStone+ products in my camper or RV?

Can FastStone+ Stone be applied to a working surface or to the floor?

What is the life expectancy of FastStone+ Stone tile?

Does the surface of an FastStone+ Stone tile scratch easily?

How should I seal FastStone+ Stone so it can easily be cleaned?